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What I liked best at Last Thursday


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A guy told me about this place.

Beer coolers

The Pedalpalooza No CRC ride didn’t stop at the park on the way back as planned. So I peeled off to meet a friend as planned. We never found the No CRC party. But we did get to Saraveza. I hope they had a nice party.

This blog usually only has art. This place should get art. In the meantime, enjoy the food and beer.
The pickled apples and peaches were outstanding. I’m getting a jar and starting some experiments.
The pickles accompanied the pasty of the day, a reuben with excellent filling, and an outstanding shell.
Then they have beer. A nice selection on tap and a great bottle list.

Eat. Drink. Be merry.

They need bike parking. Do what you can to motivate the city to get some staples here. And this part of Killingsworth needs a bike corral.

And you might want to go to this benefit for Ride-On by Lagunitas & Saraveza on 25 June.

1004 N Killingsworth, just east of I-5

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Sarah Cruse at Three Friends

Sarah Cruse

Some of Sarah Cruse‘s paintings hang at Three Friends Coffee: 201 Se 12th.
One of her paintings hangs on my wall.

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Nathaniel Praska at p:ear

Morning on Division
Some of Nathaniel Praska‘s en plein aire paintings hang at the p:ear gallery: Nw 6th and Flanders,
Tuesday through Thursday 10 to 1.

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Stephan Ferreira at The Virtuoso Studios

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The Victory Garden of Tomorrow: New American Propaganda

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Brenda Dunn


I first saw Brenda Dunn‘s work a couple of years ago at the Matchbox Lounge on Division while listening to Sneakin’ Out. I happily ran into her again on Alberta tonight.

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